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A stunning and exceptionally rare, complete set of early Georgian governmental grain measures.

Dated for 1824 and for use by the Isle of Ely. Exceptionally rare due to the age of the set and the fact that the set is complete and all original.

The set comprises the following measures:

Imperial standard bushel
Imperial standard half bushel
Imperial standard peck
Imperial standard gallon
Imperial standard half gallon
Imperial standard quart
Imperial standard pint
Imperial standard half pint
Imperial gill
Imperial half gill

All measures from Bushel to Pint have the engraved arms of the Isle of Ely, a small area just outside of Cambridge in the UK. Made by "Bate London. Maker of the Exchequer Standards". They also bear many Portcullis stamps and dates, which were used to validate their measurements, the youngest date being 1961. They also bear the ciphers of the various Kings and Queens under who's service they were used, up to and including the current Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The design of this particular set is unlike any other set we have seen. The handles of the large measures protrudes from near the bottom of each measure, as opposed to the centre of each measure which is the norm. These also stand apart from others due to the fact that the handles on the largest three measures are made from Lignum Vitae, a now extinct wood. The next three handles are from carved bone. A feature we have never seen before. Approximate weight of the entire set is 150kg / 23.5 stone. For the set to remain together after 197 years is quite extraordinary.

The set also comes with a set of toughened glass "strikes" which are used to display them in the manner you can see from the images. This set of grain measures cannot be split under any circumstances.

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